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from the Principal’s Chair…

Moving forward with Self-esteem….
Creating history with NAAC A+ Grade ….

Self-esteem is the great respect and admiration for oneself. According to the Oxford Dictionary, self-esteem is confidence in own worth or abilities, and according to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is the belief and confidence in own ability and value). The American Psychological Association defines self-esteem as “the degree to which the qualities and characteristics contained in one’s self-concept are perceived to be positive.”
Socially purposeful creative activities are possible from a person only when s/he has high self-esteem upon-self. Positive self-esteem also means believing in one’s capability to learn, achieve, and contribute to more significant causes. Having faith upon-self the Jagiroad College fraternity recently gained a unique distinction through its third cycle of NAAC Assessment. The college indeed created a history in the Higher Education Sector of the State by achieving NAAC A+ Grade this year, emphasising the high self-esteem of the college fraternity.
It was a victorious moment on the day of the declaration of NAAC assessment outcomes on March 14, 2023. That day, a blissful environment surrounded the college immediately after announcing the NAAC result. This achievement is truly a remarkable experience and a fabulous feeling. Only six state colleges could achieve this distinction till the declaration of our results. With this distinction, we look forward with more confidence to seeing ourselves among the Autonomous Colleges of the Country in the coming days. We must be more cautious and maintain the current standards, as many unforeseen situations may face during our dream journey.
Additionally, many new happenings are waiting ahead. Introducing the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP) under the NEP-2020 is one such challenge from this academic session 2023-24. An entirely indigenous education system is waiting in its dock, which will revolutionise the earlier education system. Learners will get many options to choose cross-stream subjects through this FYUGP.
Annual multiple entry-exit facilities with certifications and credits transfer provisions are there, but how the learners will utilise those will be reflected only after passing out of a few batches. If the student community appropriately utilises those facilities, then only this new system will be instrumental in reducing dropouts. Offer best wishes to the new generation of learners joining as the first batch in the college and the Indian Education System under the FYUGP.
Dr Bhaben Chandra Neog
Principal, Jagiroad College

Dr. B. C. Neog
Jagiroad College, Jagiroad, Morigaon, Assam
Phone : 03678-242308, 242113, Mobile: 9508399322
e-mail : [email protected], [email protected]

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