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Message from the Principal's Chair..
Challenges towards educational transaction during COVID-19 Pandemic
Novel Corona Virus, a highly contagious newly emerged virus caused the COVID-19 Pandemic, originated from Wuhan, China in December-2019. It is a super spreader disease and in the family of corona viruses like the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) viruses which spreads to many Countries of different Continents rapidly.
Due to its widest and fastest spread within just two to three months, the WHO declared it as 'Covid-19 Pandemic' with warning. Most of the countries have declared lockdown for months with an intention to break the chain of this vector borne disease so as to save other non-infected lives.
Like many other Countries, the Indian Government has also declared country-wide lockdown since March-25, 2020. Various Special Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been declared from time to time under Disaster Management Act-2005 to maintain social distancing norms, quarantine area and containment zones etc. Already lockdown phase-4 has passed on 31st May and lockdown phase-5 is on and unlock phase-1 declared. The Assam Government has declared closure of all types of its educational institutions from March-15, 2020. Since then and till date all the educational institutions remain closed. As a result of sudden spread of this deadly disease and also for sudden declaration of country-wide lockdown, academic activities of students' community are greatly disrupted. Face-to-face physical learning in classroom becomes impossible for this disease.
Although, few online academic activities are being undertaken by the Teaching Communities from elementary to higher level, but many of the learners still deprived due to many reasons. Some of the main reasons are - non-availability of smart phones to all the learners, non-availability or poor internet connectivity, non-familiarization with the technologies to the teachers and the students, natural disasters etc.
Already a good number of online resources (MOOCS) made available by the Indian Government through various platforms under MHRD as well as through private parties. On the other hand, simultaneous availabilities of online platforms towards educational transactions have facilitated the academic fraternities to share and avail resources as a result of which both the Teachers and Students greatly benefitted. Due to country-wide lockdown and long term closure of academic institutions have forced the academic fraternities to disseminate their academic responsibilities by utilizing these platforms as well as utilizing available resources or creating their own resources. And students are also gradually familiarizing with these e-learning platforms as well as e-resources.
For the benefit of the Teachers and Students of our college, we have developed one such platform 'http://jagiroadcollegelive.co.in' , through which our faculties are uploading their resource materials in both notes and video formats. Already it becomes a popular online e-resource library not only for our students but for the students of other Colleges too. Students can access these study materials at any time and from any places.
I am giving my continuous and hard efforts to facilitate our students so that their learning needs uninterrupted. In-spite-of all these, it is still a matter of great concern that a minor section of teachers are still lagging behind in disseminating of academic transactions through these new tools, may be due to their unwillingness to learn new techniques. Time is changing rapidly; one must adapt new techniques to transact his/her responsibility for greater cause as they have been paying for this. I am optimistic that we all will overcome the challenges appearing to us particularly the challenges towards educational transactions. All these challenges must be faced bravely. Let's overcome the bad days and pray for normal life like just before COVID-19 days. Take Care, Stay Safe.
On 7th June-2020, hon'ble Education Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has declared new admission policy for the academic session 2020-21. Accordingly, all the admitted students will avail the benefits of free admission in Government Provincialised Academic Institutions with free government supplied text books. This is a great decision and hope of beginning of a new era in Schools and Colleges of Assam. All admission will be made through online mode. We are also ready to admit new students in our College through online mode. No student or their guardians need to visit the College physically. Everybody can visit any one of our websites www.jagiroadcollege.co.in or www.jagiroadcollegelive.co.in and can fill online admission forms through 'Online Admission' button available in the homepage of our college

Dr. B. C. Neog
Jagiroad College, Jagiroad, Morigaon, Assam
Phone : 03678-242308, 242113, Mobile: 9508399322
e-mail : Jagiroadcollege12@gmail.com, neogbc@gmail.com

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