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Post Graduate ( Self Financing) Programmes

Master of Tourism Management (Two Years - Four Semesters):

The North East India is blessed by nature with abundance of unique natural resources and beauty.It claims itself to be an exotic part of "Incredible India" with all its immense potential for tourism industry. It is at such a backdrop that there is a growing demand for generation of a pool of skilled manpower to cater to the need of the tourism industry and its subsidiaries in the region. In view of such a need, the college has been launching the aforesaid purely career oriented and professional Post Graduate Programmes since 2005-2006 under the aegis and control of the Gauhati University. The basic objective of this course of study is to impart training, to prepare honed, skilled and professional young learners in managing the tourism activities.

With a group of committed and young faculties, state of the art infrastructural facilities and logistic supports from the college authority, a good number of students have enrolled into the aforementioned courses. The Department has since produced a pool of outstanding professionals many of who earned deserving placements in various capacities in various organizations like ATDC, ITDC, different Hotel chains in the country, Air India, several travel Agencies. A few of them have also got into Institutes of Tourism Management, Colleges and Universities as faculty members.

Eligibility and Admission Process:

Admission is open for all Graduates of any discipline and stream who have secured a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate. Admission to MTM is conducted on the basis of merit. Written test / personal interviews are conducted to assess the potential of prospective students. The duration of the course is of two years and the Session begins from the month of August.

Student's Support:

  1. Facilitation of On-the-Job Training
  2. Adequate books and learning materials
  3. Field Visit/ Excursions
  4. Computer Lab and training
  5. Visiting Faculty to teach Foreign Languages
  6. Placement Contacts
  7. Hostel Facilities
  8. Relatively cheaper Course Fee

Semester Wise Course Titles and Components:

Semester I

  1. MTM-101(Theory)—Fundamentals of Tourism
  2. MTM-102(Theory)- Tourism Policy, Planning and Development
  3. MTM-103(Theory)-Physical and Cultural resources of Tourism of North East India
  4. MTM-104(Theory)-Natural and Wildlife Tourist Resources of India
  5. MTM-105(Theory)-Environmental and Ecological Basis of Tourism
  6. MTM-106(Theory)-Transport and Tourism
  7. MTM-107(Practical)-Computer Application in Tourism and Project Work
  8. MTM-108(Practical)-Study of Map and its Application in Tourism

Semester II

  1. MTM-201-(Theory)-Tourism Management
  2. MTM-202(Theory)-Functional Languages ((i) English,(ii) Bengali, (iii) Russian)---Any Two
  3. MTM-203(Theory)-Travel Agency, Tour Operation and Ticketing
  4. MTM-204(Theory)-Tourism Marketing
  5. MTM-205(Theory)-Tourism Entrepreneurship
  6. MTM-206-(Practical)-Survey and Mapping of National Parks, Sanctuaries, Projects etc.
  7. MTM-207-(Practical)-survey and mapping of Tourist Spots of North-East India and Computer Reservation (CRS) Knowledge
  8. MTM-208-(Field Study)-Field Study Report

(On-the-Job training of One Month duration-15 Marks to be added to Course-308)

Semester III

  1. MTM-301-(Theory)-Tourism : A Spatial Perspective
  2. MTM-302(Theory)-Tourism and Information Technology
  3. MTM-303(Theory)-Riverine Recreation and Tourism
  4. MTM-304(Theory)-Tourism Law and Ethics
  5. MTM-305(Theory)-Tourism and Hospitality Management
  6. MTM-306(Theory)-Foreign Exchange, Meeting and Event Management
  7. MTM-307(Practical)-Understanding the Tourism Affairs for Selected Countries
  8. MTM-308(Dissertation)-Dissertation/Field Study Report and On-the-Job Training

Semester IV

  1. MTM-401(Theory)- Financial and Management Accountancy
  2. MTM-402(Theory)-Human Resource Management in Tourism
  3. MTM-403(Theory)-Functional Languages( (i) Hindi (ii) Assamese and (iii) French-any two)
  4. MTM-404(Theory)- Cultural and Historical Monuments as Tourist Attractions
  5. MTM-405(Theory)- Organisational Behaviour in Tourism
  6. MTM-406(Theory)-Tourism Organisation
  7. MTM-407(Practical)-Study and Analytical Report on Fairs and Festivals
  8. MTM-408(Dissertation)-Application of Research Methodology in Studying the Historical Monuments, Cultural Events, Festivals and Wildlife Parks as a Means of Tourism Development

Important : Contact Persons/Faculty Members for Admission and other academic queries:

1. Paranjyoti Mahanta, HoD (Contact No.-9706749937)

2. Jhuma Bose

3. Budhimanobottam Bodo

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