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The Central Library

The Central Library houses a spacious reading hall and reading rooms for teachers and Major Course students. It has a rich collection of books including journals and magazines, CDs etc. Books are being regularly purchased on recommendations of the Faculty members. Computerizations of its services are well under way. The library has recently undergone some renovation works to ensure a cosy environment for its users. Following necessary renovation works, the Library now provides separate sitting arrangements for the boys and the girls. With sophisticated furnishings, the Library also has provision of a reading room for the faculties, a circulation section and a separate periodical section.

Internet Connectivity is provided with 10 numbers of Computers connected through N-Computing and placed just behind the main entrance gate for easy accessibility by the students and other staff. Reprographic facility is also provided in the same location.

Book Bank scheme of the College Library: The College Library has introduced the Book Bank facility (for H.S. and undergraduate level students) as one of the students' support measures. The Book Bank lends text books and reference books to the specially meritorious students and to those coming from the economically backward families. The facility has beenfurther developed with enrichment through donated books from the internal stakeholders of the college (teachers, members of the non-teaching staff and the students). Willing students may contact the Librarian for necessary details.

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