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A mail from Mr. Pranab Jyoti Deka, MCA, Alumni (1996-1999)... 
Respected Sir,
I do tender my hearty Pranam. It is  more than two decades passed by now recollecting the memories of learning and experiencing the ascent of  Gurumantra. Today I felt thoughtful of being away from those Theories, Lemma etc that happened to come across. It really gives us pain today that could not able cope with to excel ourselves in the magic of Mathematics. We did not utilize our time. I feel proud to announce as disciple of my Great Teacher who is now torch bearer of my alma-matter. I feel energized to write down these few lines following an article in a weekly journal by last month.
I had opportunity to come across a weekly journal published by Association of Indian Universities, the University News. A convocation address by O.P Kohli, Honorable Governor of Gujarat. the Governor stated about a mathematician (who was math teacher) of Delhi University. The maths teacher hardly taught 30 mins of his time slot of 55 mins of a lecture, the rest time he left for gurumantra to meet various challenges and aspects of Life by mentoring his disciple so that it would help in their career. Really enthusiastic. 
There by again remembering yours.
     With regards..
Pranab Jyoti Deka
New Delhi
Cell: 9810489773   


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