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In terms of teaching-learning, assessment and evaluation of the largest segment of young undergraduate learners, the Department of English plays a pivotal role by offering a wide array of courses to enrolled students of BA( Honours and Regular), BSc (Regular and Honours), BCom (Honours), BVoc and Higher Secondary programmes. Since its inception in 1979, the department has endeavoured to cater to the needs of learning in acquisition of language and communication skills on the one hand, and their aspiration and urge to enhance their knowledge of English literature on the other as well as Indian and Western classical literature in translation and literary theory as envisaged in the UGC approved uniform syllabus for Honours course. In sync with the demands of the times, the department has attempted to provide and facilitate learning materials, study notes, lectures and counselling in general through social media apps like Whatsapp and learner’s applications like Google Classrooms, Cisco, WebEx, Zoom etc. The department is also engaged in research and publication activities and has its own share in the ‘corporate life’ of the college. In its earliest years (between 1979-186) the department was served by distinguished personalities and academicians of the state like Dhrubajyoti Hazarika IAS (Retd) and former Chairman Assam Public Service Commision (APSC) and Prof. Madhusmita Barbora (now Hod, Department of English, Tezpur University) and Prof. Kalikinkan Pattanaik (Retd. HoD, Sankardev University), Dr. Inisi Choudhary Mahanta, who did her PhD research on Bronte Sisters from Gauhati University served as the Hod for long years and superannuated in 2018. Dr. D.J. Baruah, now Professor in Sankardeva University had done his PhD on the contributions of government civil servants in Assamese Literature from Gauhati University. He served his stint between 1987 and 2021. He is also the editor of ‘Drishti: The Sight’ which is a bi-annual Research Journal approved by UGC and enlisted in the UGC-Care list. Dr. Md. Sohail Ahmed joined in 1993 and is at present the senior most teacher. He did his PhD on metaphors in the writings of Jhumpa Lahiri from IIT, Guwahati. Dr. Jita Baruah who joined in 1999 is the present HoD. She has done her PhD on urban folk literature from Gauhati University. Ms Klirni Terangpi has joined the department in 2021 as the youngest faculty member. She is currently pursuing PhD in South Asian Studies in Assam University Diphu Campus. The department is also assisted by Madhusmita Goswami, Lupamudra Hazarika, Archana Terangpi (all former Honours students) in smooth implementation of its teaching-learning plans.

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